Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Watercolor postcards

- So Light World -

Watercolor postcards as Christmas and Birthday presents.

The "Light Ones" are those without boundaries; they need to use weights to keep their minds into the real world. Weights such as the love for the others, the dreams and most of all the desires.


The "Post Office" is the same everywhere. 


The "Witch of Hearts and the Footprints Eaters" have no personality so they need to eat the footprints of the others in order to survive.


The "Swimming Pool". Enjoy the fun!!!


In "The Pinwheel's Garden" you can hear the music made by the pinwheel flowers every time the wind blows.


The "Door keepers" need to travel. But never alone.


"Mr. Tailor" is a bit deaf, so he binds many little bells on his net to find it, after a long day work.


"Mr. Scarecrow" is the best musician of the county. He plays a "mandolino" made of corn cobs and his fond audiences mainly consists of crows.

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