Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Sara and the Wizard

These are the first scenes of "Sara and the Wizard". It is a story about the relationship between the student and the teacher and how each continues to learn throughout their life. Each at their own pace and with different approaches.

"But I want to watch TV!"

"I'm a mermaid!"

"Happy Birthday princess!"

"No fair!"

"I was winning!"

Tuesday, 4 May 2021


Amazing atmosphere in Killiney (Ireland).

I painted these two from one of my picture as reference. Gouache on paper.

Master study of Bambi's Disney background

 This is one of my favourite study ever. Gouache on paper.

Background studies: Tonari no Totoro's Ghibli

 These are master studies of Tonari no Totoro's Ghibli background in gouache.

Background studies: Robin Hood's Disney

Robin Hood's master study in watercolor, gouache and colored pencils study

The Autumnal Sisters

Another chapter of my comic "So Light World": The Autumnal Sister.

Keep building my imaginary world.

These are Lisa, the second and wiser of the Autumnal Sisters and Ludo. Ludo likes to tell jokes to her neighbors.

Lara is the eldest and wilder.

Lizzy is the savage guardian of the East Swamp. Bad, bad, bad temper.

Jenni is not going to school today. Nor tomorrow. Nobody will ever tell her what to do again.

Memories of early spring

 Short story in watercolor and colored pencils.

I wonder what are you doing now...

... still hanging out with the old friends?

Do you remember the long afternoons at the park?