Monday, 30 January 2017

Dr.Sketchy's in Dublin - January

Dr. Sketchy's anti art school, The Liquor Room, Dublin 29.1.17

Sunday at "The Liquor Rooms" for the January Dr.Sketchy's session. 3 hours of drawing, relaxing and performances thanks to the two amazing models and all the staff. 
Thanks a million!!!

the sweet prize

"The Liquor Room"

1 min

one of the challenges: draw with just a single continuous line

20 mins

Before the event I went in a nice bookshop where I found a colorful moleskine. I can't help it,  I've a bunch of sketch books :)

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Five Quarters of the Orange

Joanne Harris is my favourite writer and "Five Quarters of the Orange" is the novel that inspired me more. This idea has some years and finally I did it. 

sketches for the main idea

The party

"The Party" is a gift for a friend.
The masking tape has ruined the paper, so I did another version. Eventually I chose this first one as it's fresher.

pencil, watercolour, ink on paper

Sunday, 8 January 2017

The eager whale

These are the first ideas for an illustration. I should finalize it using Photoshop in order to add contrast between the dark sea and the bright fishes.
I get inspired by the artist Khoa Le in "Polare, l'orso solitario" (nuinui edition) a wonderful book that I found in a small library in Milan.

The Dream Jumpers

- So Light World -

The Dream Jumpers are an heterogeneous band jumping from one of your dreams to another. Sometimes they are gentle and cheerful, some other a wee too lively ...
Yeah, maybe too much loud ;)

Fairy Tale

"Once upon a time in the center of the oak seed, there was a nice smoke, living all alone in a red tall tower.

The very first day of spring a flower-comet came to visit, bringing with her a friend.

Firesmoke, it's the name."

This is a color test of my new watercolors. Thanks to my parents in law for this Christmas present :)

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

City Life Drawing, Sol Art Gallery Dublin, 3.1.17

Yesterday I've attended Life Drawing in Sol Art Gallery for just the first hour. I was a bit lazy :) Here the fast drawings (1 minute) and the last pose (10 minutes) depicted by 2 different  views.