Friday, 30 October 2015

29.10.15  h19:00
Kaffebar Quentin, Vienna

Halloween Sketch Session: Pink-haired witch.

After few rapid poses, we had a looong one (for doing the shadows and the paintings). As soon as I learn a bit of painting I'll bring some colors, for now... let just imagine she's a sort of clumsy witch, a wee bored ;)

Thanks Regina for your patience!!!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Week 2: Material Painting

This week is about texture!

We have to choose 3 different kind of materials:

- semi-transparent
- hard
- soft/organic

Obviously I've chosen the pizza for the organic one!
I like trees... ('cos I love the fantasy literature) and a red stone/gem. 
I was looking for broken glasses, but on the web is almost impossible to find a nice image and I think that breaking two glasses on purpose would be a bit too much ;)

The teacher made us work on the sphere to force us thinking about shape, and how the textures  wrap around it.

CGMA link:
Here's my teacher's feedbacks:

- The foreground must be darker and with less contrast
- ok the strong and limited range of values, but now I can add some more values (to show   
  the shapes of the cars, the internal of the buildings and to render the people)
- add details to reinforce the focal point
- don't forget the importance of some shadows: some of them are useful to direct the 
  eyes on the focal point
- when the style is so graphic: use a soft brush on the frame corners to enhance the focal  

- strong composition!
- even if in the film the foreground is bright, it's not important: so do it darker and blur.
- lighter a bit the column on the right: 
          1) it's on the same level as the cat
          2) helps framing (it's a framing element)
          3) helps the eyes moving up and around ->keeps the eyes engaged to the scene

-attention: we work on compressed images -> lots of light informations get lost, so we need to use brightness/contrast on the reference image (checking the lost values) 


Saturday, 24 October 2015

Digital Painting

These are my first exercises for Digital Painting (CGMA online course) with Jeremy Fenske (lectures by David Merrit).

We had to choose one frame from 3 different movies.
A strong one! So the longest part was to find the right frame:
- story
- strong focal point
- foreground/midground/background
- frame within the frame
- lines of the objects pointing to the focal point (also the glance of the other people)
- clear image (not with people running, too blurry…)

I'll let you know how is gone after my teacher's feedbacks!

This is my teacher's link:

Friday, 23 October 2015

Maybe if I turn up the music volume, I'll not hear the scream inside my head

Sunday, 4 October 2015