Thursday, 17 December 2015

week 8: Photobashing

We have studied how to paint and integrate the photo to create a finished image.
Here there are my first attempt and the corrected version.

- separate better the layers: the buildings in the background must be lighter
- add more buildings to better balance the composition

He said that the integration is good! 

This was my last week. I really enjoyed the class, having a lot of fun and learned so much.
Jeremy is a great teacher!
Thank very much!!!

Friday, 11 December 2015

10.12.15 h19:00
Kaffeebar Quentin, Wien

Sketch session with Fräulein HahnKamper

It's a session with a clothes change and acting! 
When the poses are too long I feel I draw the other artists :)

Sketch Session with Fräulein Hahnkamper

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

FEEDBACK on week 7: Lighting, Color and Mood

Jeremy said: "it's very cool!!!"

And now the corrections:
- the sky must be more dark
- push the highlights: keep them really sharp (very reflective and shiny) 
- the straw must be soak: more dark
- add sharp highlights also on the background hill 

- add reflex on the street: it's a giant puddle!

Thanks very much!
Jeremy Fenske:

Friday, 4 December 2015

week 7: Lighting, Color and Mood

This week we have studied how to convey emotion
For assignment we have to repaint our previous week's scene into a different lighting scenario/time of day.

I've made two paints: a creepy-rainy mood and a magic-night.

I've also fixed the previous one (the layers are more separated now).

Monday, 30 November 2015

FEEDBACK on week 6: Finishing a paint

- ok the color palette
- ok the texture of the ground
- don't use the blu/purple on the pumpkins (in the foreground), I can use a bit of blu on      their top
- the light reflex on the ground near the focal point is too high: the material is different  from the road.
- simplify the hill in the background (less details), and change the color of the leaves: it's  Autumn!
- To have a nice shape of the cloud use the lasso tool
- don't do the sky too white
- simplify the road in the foreground

Thanks Jeremy! Now it's much better!!!

Friday, 27 November 2015

week 6: Finishing a Paint

It's the RELATIONSHIP between the colors that matter.

26.11.15 h19:00
Kaffeebar Quentin, Wien

Figure drawing session with Ashley, a professional ballet dancer.

The pub was so crowded.. I should go half an hour before ;)
Thanks Ashley: you are a great model!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien - 22 Nov 2015

Some funny hours of a winter Sunday

Saturday, 21 November 2015

week 5: Painting with Color

The color is used for:

1) to create MOOD
2) to individuate the FOCAL POINT (with contrast)
3) to create DISTANCE

- foreground: more saturated and dark
- blu color: push behind

For me this is the most difficult assignment ever. What color am I supposed to choose? WHY??? Even using references ;)

I have to wait Wednesday for the feedback, in the meantime I'll try to finalize some
previous ideas (like the one about Flashdance movie)
FEEDBACK on week 4: Creating Composition with Value

My teacher Jeremy Fenske (link: has corrected my first study:

- OK the choice of the line drawing
- the FOCAL POINT is very dynamic
- OK the cloud added behind the focal point
- OK the light on the ground -> it  bounces on the pumpkins 
- add the edge of the frame
- add a path, a street: it helps the eyes to go to the focal point; and balances the image
- add the AMBIENT LIGHT: the light from the sky bounces on the pumpkins
- add some core shadows
- every element has its own value: give the same value for the pumpkins, and a different one for the leaves -> for the sake of CLARITY

This is my corrected paint.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

what's that for? 
Just to see how fast you can run

don't you understand? If you give up your dreams, you'll die

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Temple

Derry - 21 March 2015

In 2015, creative producers Artichoke brought Burning Man artist David Best to the city. Together with people from across the community, they built a beautiful shared structure that measured 72ft high before it was ceremonially burnt. 
Everyone was invited to leave a memory behind, let go of the past and look to the future. 
Up to 60,000 people visited over the seven days it was open, covering the inside of the structure and it's pillar with personal messages.   
On Saturday 21st March it was set alight at 8pm.

"Don't give me love, 
don't give me faith
Wisdom nor pride,
give innocence instead

Don't give me love, 
I've had my share
Beauty nor rest, 
give me TRUTH instead"

NIGHTWISH “The Crow, The Owl and The Dove”

Friday, 13 November 2015

week 4: Creating Composition with Value

The values help to:
- define the forms
- give a mood (story telling)
- define the composition
We studied different light value schemes to achieve different kind of composition.
The goal is to direct the eyes of the viewer on our chosen FOCAL POINT and to keep his/her attention inside the frame.

The exercise is to choose a useful layout line drawing, in order to do three different lighting value studies. Usually we repeat the same scheme... this exercise force us to think about different solution. It's a struggle, so it's funny :)

I spent many hours looking for the right layout, but at the end I found this incredible artist: Tomas Pajdlhauser

FEEDBACK on week 3: Learning from the Masters

- his head could be a little bit larger
- use a hard brush to model the forms
- pay attention in modeling the forms: keep in mind the use of sharp edges versus  the  
  fuzzy edges, and the contrast with the background -> to push up the forms
- the tears are too cartoony

Thanks Jeremy!
12.11.15  h19:00
Kaffeebar Quentin,Wien

Figure Drawing Session with Amela

2 minutes poses 

6 min

6 and 15 min

long pose

long pose

Thanks Amela! Unfortunately I didn't draw all her beautiful tattoos.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Like a Bubble

Like a bubble, 
traveling without thinking. 
I'm wondering:
is it actually much easier?
Wien - Palais Palffy -  "The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art"  11 Nov 2015

warm up

full picture


4 hours of a single pose (I went away 30 mins before)

Thanks a lot to the amazing model and to Ackermann Philip:

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Welcome back cintiq

FEEDBACK on week 2: texture

- OK the choice of the references
- make everything more rounded starting with a sphere with light on up/left and shadow down/right (in order to follow the rounded shape)

1) PIZZA: it would be more interesting if I separate the part with the tomato from the edge and the plate (like a little muffin).
Do the cheese (mozzarella) with harder edges.

2) BARK: start with the light/shadow of the sphere to make it more rounded.

3) GEM: OK the use of the lasso tool for the hard edge.
Add light/shadow to make it more rounded.

This night I should have the next feedback for week 3 (Learning from the Masters): I can't wait!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

week 3: Learning from the Masters.

Mine is from William Andrew Loomis.

She is crying.

Friday, 30 October 2015

29.10.15  h19:00
Kaffebar Quentin, Vienna

Halloween Sketch Session: Pink-haired witch.

After few rapid poses, we had a looong one (for doing the shadows and the paintings). As soon as I learn a bit of painting I'll bring some colors, for now... let just imagine she's a sort of clumsy witch, a wee bored ;)

Thanks Regina for your patience!!!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Week 2: Material Painting

This week is about texture!

We have to choose 3 different kind of materials:

- semi-transparent
- hard
- soft/organic

Obviously I've chosen the pizza for the organic one!
I like trees... ('cos I love the fantasy literature) and a red stone/gem. 
I was looking for broken glasses, but on the web is almost impossible to find a nice image and I think that breaking two glasses on purpose would be a bit too much ;)

The teacher made us work on the sphere to force us thinking about shape, and how the textures  wrap around it.

CGMA link: