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Fluorescent Pink Monkey

I was looking for the brilliant holbein colors all over Dublin shops, but I couldn't find any. On line there are few shops selling them, and moreover they are too expensive for an amateur like me. Today I decided to buy this cheap acrylic (Reeves) from Eason: it's super!!! I want them all :)

gouache and fluorescent pink acrylic on paper

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Sunset Boulevard part 1

Cinematography composition study from Sunset Boulevard (directed by Billy Wilder).
I watched this movie from the beginning to the end without any pause. It's kinda of an event

pencil on paper

watercolor Birthday card

Birthday card inspired by Back to the Future and Arrietty.

watercolors and colored ink on paper

color variation study with colored pencils

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Light study

This is a light study from a couple of photos of mine apartment. I used neutral colors to bring out the more intense and saturated colors of the strip of light.

gouache on paper

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Don't walk alone - Watercolor

Thanks to the practice with gouache, I'm less afraid to use more quantity of color with watercolor.

I'm in maternity leave and I've plenty of time to play with different media (for now ... )

on the left: study with color pencils

on the right: the final, ink and watercolor on paper

Gouache #4

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is my favourite love story.
This is a cinematography composition study from Joe Wright's movie.
And yes, he is one of my favourite director :)

gouache on paper

Gouache #3

Atonement is a splendid novel by Ian McEwan.
I read the book after watching Joe Wright's movie.
Here's a study from one of the most famous scene. 

gouache on paper

The Addams Family "Grandmama"

The Addams Family Musical Comedy is hilarious! My favourite part is the one about Grandma: of whom is she the mother???.
Neither Gomez nor Morticia seem to know the answer.

Bord Gàis Energy Theatre, Dublin

"Because of your mama.
Mine? Yours!
for real
isn't she yours?

Wednesday, 6 September 2017


I painted this from life, watching the light and the color from my window.
In the meantime I'm also studying Richard Yot's book "Light for Visual Artists" to see how light and color work. I must surely find a good paper tape, this one rips the paper... sigh.

gouache on paper