Sunday, 3 January 2016


"Don't you understand? If you give up your dreams, you'll die"

I chose the movie "Flashdance" because it's about never give up, follow your dreams, live your life. The dance it's a metaphor: it can be every dream.

I chose the important frames for me to tell the story:

In her mind there's fear: the signal "fire escape" is well showed at the end of the movie, before entering the room for the test.

She is riding a bike: that stands for "never stop".

At the beginning of the movie she looks a little cat: it represents her feeling little in a huge world, smoking alone and feeling weak. She looks at herself like saying: "mooove!", "stand up!".

In her heart she stands up, she reborns from the water: it's the amazing scene of the dance in the local, when she uses water and dance, dance, dance.

I chose the great artist "Sergio Toppi" as a reference.

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