Friday, 8 April 2016

Second Sketch Group Vienna Exhibition

Galerie Takt 1090 Ingen-House-Gasse 2, Vienna h:19.00

Thanks everybody for yesterday!!!
Thanks Alexandra Kornienko for the organization of this amazing event.

I really enjoyed the exhibition and had a lot of fun during the preparation (the cooking, the hanging posters, the conversations, and this afternoon the cleaning)

Here there are some photos of the event. I feel lucky to be part of this artistic group in Vienna, and even if I'm leaving at the end of April, I'll always remember the  kindness and enthusiasm of all the artists, models and of course of Quentin Honarwaran.

Thanks for this trip together.

The night

waiting the guests

hanging the pictures

my contribution

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  1. Great to know about this exhibition. I am very interested in attending these kinds of events. I wish I could have been to this one too! Just got details about upcoming exhibitions at local event venues Chicago and will definitely visit with my friends.